Loan Payment & Interest Payment Guarantees

The newt proceeds from the sale of carbon credits can serve as additional collateral, interest support and payment protection for banks & investors. By contributing equity in a project, cash flow or paying a fee, a sponsor can create a carbon credit - carbon sequestering strategy that also protects the downside.

Limited Sub Guarantees

Think of the process in a logical format, if the borrower cannot pay the payment, the carbon credit guarantee is called upon. Working like an additional guarantee with the limits agreed upon between the 0+ guarantor, the borrower and the lender-investor.

Interest Support

The optimal satin is using this form of guarantee as interest support on an interest only loan. The first lien should be supported by valuable collateral, a strong business plan and good loan to value rations. An additional item will be cash flows and

Revenue Support

Some businesses, including agriculture, mining and construction have lags in cash flow. The loan guarantee can be used to supplement the payments to the investor or lender while allowing the 0+ strategy to pay the deficit. A true up in the use of funds can be made. When the business gains its positive cash flow, it can repay the 0+ funds.

Reserve Reports

The 0 + strategy is to accelerate the rate of plantings in our identified farms and plantations. Our 0+ strategy creates jobs, carbon credits and assets otters in maximizing the use of carbon credits, revenue and funding. Our report will show the positive alpha generated by planting and carbon credit markets. With 2,500 acres projected and nearly 4 million trees planting the 0+ strategy projects up to $50 million of cash that can support over $500 million of guarantees.

0+ Credit Pricing & Margin

The trading desk seeks to maintain margins of at least 50% in cost of generation. The fund will use crop insurance, tax strategies, investment credits and farming best practices to maximize the potential pool of available funds. The 0+ team will constantly be on the lookout for large plantations globally to achieve these results.


Coconut Plantation, Puerto Rico

Opportunities to plant ranging from 10 acres to 1,000 acres. These are good investments, green - ESG complaint and a great source of C02 sequestration. Our goal is to be oxygen positive. Look for our 0+ logo.

Coconut Plantation, St. Kitts

Small business case study. When a small resort plantation, seeking new capital and to return to a farm to table offering. A structured partnership is formed to put 10-15 acred into coconut plantation, contribute the crop to local business and generate 0+ credits.

Hydroponic Food & Island Food Security

What's a product or service you'd like to show.

Recycling & Upcycling

The projects will support multiple projects that use & reuse all materials. The coconut plantations use the husk, meat, water and bio-mass for revenue. The team will work with other bio-rejuvenation materials, agricultural items and products.

Coconut Plantation, Hawaii

The group has identified Hawaii as an optimal location for power generation from bio-mass. A 200 acre facility and up to 250,000 acres can be used.

Salton Sea, California Reclamation

The group is looking at extreme projects including water reclamation and improvement districts. The site in the Salton Sea is a source of massive contamination and environmental problems.